winter comes

winter comes. from here, from this house that friendship built & builds friendships, one can observe the magic of this white wizard. winter comes and blackens the leaves that fall has left in shades of red, yellow & orange, the leaves that fall in spades of maple, birch & oak. winter comes and leaves diamonds, in spades upon the hills, crystals on the water. winter comes and freezes time. it slows our motions down, sculpts them in a frieze. life almost stops and our thoughts are free to run, cross-country, our feelings surf, downhill sometimes. but we light candles to lift us up. winter comes and blackens the night as it whitens the earth. it robs nature of its colours and we don the suits. underneath the thick white mantle, the body hibernates, but we keep fuelling the soul. we fire up the hearth, blow love on the hot coals of our hearts. until black turns red. families and friends form little clubs, where belonging is key. winter comes with its longing, its long winds and endless skies. it brings us together like fingers of a perfect hand. these fingers can spread sparkles of magic and wear diamonds, just like winter does. they can wield the sword to defend & protect the values & valuables that time has gathered & built (just like winter does). these fingers can roll tightly upon themselves, so closely knit together that they’re a club to fight off the dangers. or you can blow on them, roll the dice and best of luck. these fingers are the hand that soothes your aches, the hand that wipes the tears from your cheeks, the hand that thrusts you forward when confidence fails. winter comes and shuffles us into castles then melts them. from here, one can observe the magic of this white wizard. outside & in. while the world sleeps down below, the fire here is burning. pretty sweet deal, i’d say.

winter comes and winters go. like ebb & flow. it’s those tides that shape us. this test of time, time & time again, that softens the stones we walk on & build upon. and as the sun lights up our path, every day a little longer now, i’m convinced, as winter comes and winters go, that love trumps all. and here we are, in this house. may god’s love be with you. with us. for a long time. still.

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